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10/17/2018 13:40Church in Russia Fined One Million Rubles for Bitcoin Mining    ( Live Bitcoin News )
In February, scientists working at Russia's nuclear warhead facility, the Federal Nuclear Centre in Sarov, were arrested. They are alleged to have used ...
08/17/2018 07:15How Can We Stop Russia's Apocalypse Nuke Torpedo?    ( Popular Mechanics )
The world is still processing the sheer awfulness of Russia's new Poseidon long range torpedo. The multi-megaton weapon, like something from a ...
08/01/2018 17:55'Doomsday weapon': How could the West respond to Russia's nuclear underwater drone?    ( RT )
US and British navies could counter Russia's nuclear-powered autonomous torpedo, ... New up to date mega article on #Russia Poseidon (Status-6 / Skif ... of a nuclear-powered UUV, launched from a B-90 Sarov-class submarine.
07/25/2018 23:20Russia's Nuclear Tsunami Apocalypse Torpedo is Named 'Poseidon'    ( Popular Mechanics )
Russia's dreaded nuclear torpedo, designed to nuke entire coastal cities into ... The weapon was recently named “Poseidon” after the Russian military ... to 2008, when the Russian Navy took delivery of a unique submarine, Sarov, ...
04/19/2018 03:45Individuals Arrested by Russian Police for Illegal Bitcoin Mining Operation    ( BTCMANAGER )
While Bitcoin mining is not illegal in Russia, the government does frown on unlawful mining operations. In February BTCManager reported that Russian security authorities captured some nuclear scientists who were found mining bitcoin using supercomputers at the Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov.
02/18/2018 00:55Cryptocurrency This Week: Central User Database, Drivezy ICO, Bitcoin Laundering, And More    ( Inc42 Media )
As everyone is aware of the fact that normal hardware sucks in mining, some of the Russian scientists have now been arrested for allegedly using supercomputers at Russian nuclear warhead facility Federal Nuclear Centre in Sarov, Western Russia, for mining cryptocurrencies, reported BBC.
02/17/2018 05:15Russia Is Developing and Deploying Weapons Based on 'New Physical Principles'    ( Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) )
The year before, in August 2016, speaking at a meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov, Borisov spoke about weapons based on new physical principles which were being deployed into the Russian armed forces. quoted him as saying:.
02/15/2018 13:00Russian Scientists Arrested for Using Supercomputer for Crypto-Mining    ( Newswire )
Scientists from one of the best guarded nuclear centers in Russia have been arrested by the state police, BBC cited the Russian news agency. The scientists have been accused of using computers designed for research to mine crypto-currencies. The incident took place in the Federal Nuclear Center in ...
02/13/2018 20:50Russian Scientists Arrested for Mining Cryptocurrency at Nuclear Facility    ( ExtremeTech )
The scheme took place at the Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov, just south-east of Moscow. This is one of Russia's “closed cities” where only authorized personnel are permitted. This facility in particular is the birthplace of the Soviet Union's first working nuclear weapon. It still does nuclear research, and ...
02/13/2018 11:15Russian scientists try to mine cryptocoins with state computers    (HiBusiness (blog))
Russian Scientists Arrested For Mining Bitcoin On Nuclear Supercomputer - HiBusiness (blog)
02/13/2018 00:55Scientists at Russian nuclear research facility arrested for mining cryptocurrency    (Popular Mechanics)
Russian Scientists Arrested for Using Nuclear Supercomputer to Mine Bitcoin - Popular Mechanics
02/12/2018 15:15Russian Nuclear Center engineers arrested for using supercomputers to mine cryptocurrency    (Eurasia Times)
Russian nuclear scientists held in Bitcoin bust - Eurasia Times
02/12/2018 05:05Ripple founder backs Bitcoin    ( )
Several scientists working at a major Russian nuclear arms plant in Sarov, western Russia, have been arrested for allegedly using the facility's computer power for mining Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The centre's press service said: “There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer ...
02/12/2018 05:05Russian scientists arrested for mining Bitcoin at nuclear facility    (DCEBrief (press release))
Russian Scientists Detained for Attempt to Use Supercomputer for Crypto Mining - DCEBrief (press release)
02/11/2018 12:55Russian Authorities Detain Two Engineers at Nuclear Center in Sarov for Bitcoin Mining    (The Independent)
Russian scientists arrested for 'mining bitcoin' on supercomputer at nuclear facility - The Independent
02/10/2018 21:00Russians arrested for 'mining bitcoin' at nuclear facility    (Fast Company)
One simple way to get caught crypto-mining on the office supercomputer - Fast Company
02/10/2018 04:45Russian nuclear weapons engineers caught minting blockchange with supercomputer    (Gizmodo)
Russian Engineers Arrested for Using Nuclear Weapons Facility to Mine Cryptocurrency - Gizmodo
02/06/2018 04:55Russia building devastating nuclear weapon; Pentagon seeks to counter    ( WTOP )
The armament known as “Kanyon” to the U.S. military, is a 100 megaton thermonuclear drone-torpedo that would be launched from a Sarov-class submarine. It would be the most powerful thermonuclear device ever built. The existence of the “Kanyon” was allegedly accidentally leaked on Russian ...
01/19/2018 04:45Pentagon documents confirm Russia is developing a nuclear submersible doomsday weapon    (ExtremeTech)
Pentagon Report Confirms Russian Development of Massive Nuclear Torpedo - ExtremeTech
01/17/2018 04:55Has Russia's Robotic Nuclear Torpedo Surfaced?    ( Daily Beast )
A year later, the Washington Free Beacon carried a report claiming that the Pentagon had detected a Russian Sarov-class submarine carried out a test of the Status-6 weapon in November 2016. An intelligence assessment leaked to the outlet affirmed that the weapon, known to the Defense Department ...


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